Bathroom Tile Trims

Bathroom tile trims are needed for bathroom tile fitting appropriately in the bathrooms. The bathroom tile trims are found in a set of relief cuts for the inside and outside corners...

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Aluminum Trims

Aluminium is a very versatile metal, which can be utilized for different applications. Orego Metal Co. uses the best quality aluminium for manufacturing the metal trims. The Orego...

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Tile Edging Corners

Tile edging corners are used on the edges of the tiles in the bathrooms and kitchens on the walls, under the washbasins and sinks, beside the bathtub for the purpose of edge...

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Tile Corner Trim

Tile corner trims are used on the edges, angles and corners of the trims. These tile corner trims are used with the tiles to give a smooth finish so that the sharp and pointed edges...

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Corner Trim

Aluminium corner trim is used to provide protection to the tiled surface from wear and tear, and from chipping. Corner trims made of brass and stainless steel are available in the market, but are expensive. Aluminium corner trims are cheaper and are available in a wide variety of finishes and colors. Orego Metal Co, a pioneer in manufacturing aluminium products manufactures very high quality aluminum corner trim that can be used with any ceramic tile or natural stone. Aluminium corner trim can be used horizontally or vertically according to the requirements of the design. The use of high quality aluminium corner trims like the ones manufactured by Orego Metal Co. as a décor element adds a lot of beauty and functionality to the entire room.

Tile corner trim are available in a wide variety of finishes and colors. Two main types of tile corner trims are commonly found in the market. They are Internal Corner trim and external corner trim. Orego Metal co. manufactures both types of high quality tile corner trim. Internal tile corner trim is used in places where tiles meet each other at 90 degrees.  For example, the corner that is formed when a tiled wall meets a tiled floor is where an internal tile corner trim can be used. External corner trim is used to provide a rounder finish to corners where two tiles meet, such as the corner for a wall. Orego Metal Co., manufactures both types of tile corner trim in a variety of finishes, sizes and colors.

The use of bathroom tile trim in the design of bathrooms has been increasing over the years. Most bathrooms will have tiles in them and can often look sober if proper care not been given to the designing of the bathroom. The use of the same tiles for most of the walls or floor can make the bathroom look boring. By using high quality bathroom tile trim like the ones manufactured by Orego Metal Co., you will be able to break the monotony of the tiles and add a touch of contrast to the bathroom design. Orego Metal Co. manufactures aluminium bathroom tile trim in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and finishes. This provides bathroom designers with the option to innovate and experiment with their design to make the bathroom feel unique.

By tile edging corners, you can add a contemporary look to the design of the bathroom or room. The edges of the tiles are usually very sharp and a cause of injury concern. If any hard impact is made on the edge of the tile, it could be damaged and cause injury to people. There are very few bull nose tiles available in the market and therefore the best option is to use tile edging corners that are of very high quality like what Orego Metal co. manufactures. Orego Metal Co. has been in the business of manufacturing aluminium products for many years. This has provided them with a lot of experience and expertise, which they use to manufacture quality and precision products like tile edging corners.

The use of aluminium trims in the design is varied. They can be used as skirting, spacer between tiles, create a floor pattern and much more. Aluminium trims are available in a wide variety of colors, dimensions, quality and finishes. It is always a better option to install high quality aluminium trims like what Orego Metal co. manufactures, if you want durability. By using the right aluminium trim, many décor elements can be added to the design of the room. Orego Metal Co., has years of experience and sophisticated machinery coupled with a workforce who are experts in working with aluminium. This allows Orego Metal co. to manufacture aluminium trims that are considered as one of the best aluminium trims available in the world.

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